Philips Hue in partnership with The Voice UK will bring the studio into your living room

I don’t think I have ever been more excited about Philips Hue, and that is saying something as I am a great lover of the whole range of products.

In January ITV (the UK television network) announced that during later stages of The Voice UK, the companion app will control connected Hue devices and sync them to the stage lighting.  This means in effect that the lighting director will not only be controlling the stage where the contestants sing, but also the lights wherever you are watching.

I have downloaded the app in anticipation and have selected the lights I want to be controlled during the live performance, and also tested the setup via a short sample video supplied in the app.  If the live shows sync up as well as the sample video did, I can only tremble with anticipation before the live head-to-head shows begin.

THIS is what we have been waiting for.  Ambilight and the projection version of Ambilight from Philips proved that extending the lighting effects beyond the visible window you can see on television creates a much more immersive experience.  This new innovation (similar – but possibly an evolution of – the SyFy Sync app)  brings us one step closer to all action/music/performance programmes having “light encoding” similar to the way subtitles are currently saved alongside video.  I cannot wait to see this in action: Philips, if you are reading this and you need a “real” home to preview The Voice integration: pick me!


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