New YouTube channel

I just thought I would let you know that I have a new YouTube channel, called Fabulous Home Automation where I intend to add informational videos about home control devices.  There will be a mixture of reviews and technical hints and tips, so hopefully something for everyone.  My very first video is a quick review of some LightwaveRF products.  I’d appreciate your comments, but please be constructive as this is my first video!

View my YouTube channel



6 thoughts on “New YouTube channel”

  1. Hi Harry I have watched both of your YouTube videos and have found them to be well made and informative. Might I suggest that you include your original overview video on your channel as it is a great showcase to your talent and skill. Keep up the good work.
    Ps could you send me your Domoticz front end.
    Thanks in advance, Steve


    1. Hi Steve, and thanks very much for your encouraging words! I have done as you suggested, but the initial video was not a decent enough resolution so I have rehashed it! Hope you think this still captures the essence of the original. Regarding the front end – of course you can have a copy. I will try to send to your address however I have not had much luck sending to non-Gmail accounts as the zip is so large. If you haven’t received anything please forward me a Gmail address. Thanks again, Harry


  2. Hi Harry well done on your updated overview video. It still shows off your skills as in the original, but in a more professional, promotional video style. keep up the good work and good luck for the future. Steve (gmail address included as requested)


  3. Hi Harry I think my dyslexic fingers miss typed my email address as I haven’t received the files, could you send me them again please, sorry for the inconvenience, the correct address is now included. Thanks, in advance, Steve


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