Sentri: Maybe the prettiest all-in-one option out there

This looks nice…

Home Automation for Idiots

I was cruising through all the CES news today and gearing up for some posts and saw a video interview over at TechCrunch with a member of the Sentri team. Sentri is another entry in the “all-in-one” as I like to call it solution to home automation/monitoring. This device is much more akin to something like Piper or Canary where you get a device that does a lot more than just control other things like a SmartThings hub or Wink. Like the Piper and Canary, Sentri includes an HD camera and many other sensors like motion, light, humidity, CO2, etc. The biggest difference between the three is probably evident on first glance…Sentri has a screen!. Now don’t get me wrong, Piper and Canary are two of the best looking devices on the market, but they don’t have a screen. And while form should definitely play second fiddle to function in this…

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